Myth and Legends Photography in Wales
A new show on the style network called Tacky Houses will be
redoing a ladies house in an Irish theme. Two photographs
of mine will be used to redo her house in a more contemporary
theme of Ireland. !!

Shayne McGuire
I have had a camera in my hand since I was a child.
I still have my old Olympus OM 4 that I use
on my fisheyes and my infrared film. I shoot
both 35MM and 645. I have shot with 6x7 as
well. I shoot Negative film, slides, black/white
and b/w infrared film. I hand develop all my b/w and
infrared film, and hand print them as well. Each
photograph I hand print in b/w will never be
the same as the next one. No 2 are alike. All
my color negative prints are hand done by me
as well. The slides go to a custom lab and they
are hand printed on type R paper, no digital! How
many photographers still hand print their own 
photographs. So when you buy a photograph from me,
you can be assured that is not a mass market
produced photograph. 

A bit about me.
Won two awards for Creative Excellence in
Tri-Community's "From Here to Infinity" contest

The Camera Company's Award for best scenic photograph

1999 Colourcraft Printing Company's Calendar
for a winter shot of Half Dome from Yosemite National Park

Photographic work displayed at the 1999 L.A. County Fair

Featured on the cover of Gaelsong Catalog
with Callanish Stones photograph offered inside

Shared cover of Gaelforce Catalog with legendary
Celtic artist, Courtney Davis,
as well as carrying Shayne's photographs for sale.

  • Voted into Tri Community's Halls of Excellence in 1996.
Several of my photographs are now used in historic books
and magazines 

Featured article in the NY Irish Voice.

  • I now teach  photographic classes at Tri 
  •   Community Adult Photography School. 
  • I  conduct seminars on travel to the British Isles, and return  every year to hear the laughter of the 
  • leprechaun, the wail of the banshee, the music of the fairies, and the splendor of Camelot. 
    •                                              "Hawkmoon" is now on a CD cover
    The white horse logo ( Uffington Horse) is my trademark signature and is stamped in the corner of all photographic 
    mats. I now have a photograph of this logo, by flying 
    over the landmark and taking an aerial  photograph. 
Shayne's Myth & Legends Photography can be
found at various fairs throughout California.
For upcoming events, contact Shayne.

Click here to contact Shayne!


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