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 Skye Beauty
Skye Beauty
The Isle of Skye is known for it's wild beauty. The drive
up past Waterstein toward Neist Point is one of the
most dramatic landscapes one will find on Skye. 
The quiet reflection and the grazing sheep amplifies
the solitude one might find on this off the beaten
track drive. 

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 The Cuillin
The Cuillin
This part of the Isle of Skye is the wildest and least
populated part of the island. It is home to an impressive
mountain range known as the Cuillin. They are often
shrouded in rain or clouds, and they are the very
spiritual heartland of the island. On a clear day, their
grandeur can be seen from every other peninsula on
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Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce Statue
This statue of Robert the Bruce was erected in 
front of Stirling Castle and looks out at the Wallace
Monument. As I stood there, admiring the view, a 
rainbow began to glow at the statues feet!
It slowly arched it's way out, over the valley and a 
very faint 2nd rainbow begin to emerge
from the waist level of the statue.
No filters!! No Photoshop!!

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Wallace Monument

 Completed in 1869  the 220 feet high Wallace Monument 
sits prominently on the Abbey Craig , close to the city 
of Stirling . It was from this hilltop in 1297 that William 
Wallace watched the English army approach across
Stirling Bridge before leading the Scots into the battle 
and victory . A very fitting place for a monument
to a hero
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