Scottish Treasures

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 Glencoe Cottage
Glencoe Cottage
Glencoe is one of the most dramatic landscapes in 
Scotland. Famous both for its climbing potential
and the massacre of the MacDonalds at the 
hands of the Campbells. In this photograph,
the mist is creeping down the mountains toward
the whitewashed cottage. 
Located in the Highlands.

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Kilmartin Stones
Perhaps nowhere else on the scottish mainland, can be
seen such a concentration of prehistoric sites and stones.
Amongst the very early surviving monuments, some,
dating back to the 2nd millennium BC and earlier.
Shown here are the Nether Largie Stones.


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 Kilt Rock
Kilt Rock
 The rock  formation beyond the waterfall is
known as Kilt Rock.  And it  is so called 
because the cliff is formed of basalt columns
which fold like the folds in 
a kilt. Found on Isle of Skye.
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Celtic  Seahorse Stone
Celtic Sea Horse stone
This huge life sized slab of stone
was carved with the design
of the celtic sea horses. 
Photograph taken with 
black/white infrared film. 
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