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Brig O Doon
Brig O Doon
A cobblestone bridge made famous by the 
 Scottish poet Robert Burns.  In his immortal 
 tale of Tam O'Shanter, sparks flew from the
heels of  his horse as it raced over the bridge
just strides ahead of the witch. 

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Scottish Thistle 

Often referred to as the flower of Scotland.
James the III used the thistle as royal symbol
imprinted on gold coins in 1470. This
Thistle was taken on the hillside overlooking
Castle Stalker and Loch Linnhe.


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Butter Bridge
Located in the Trossachs National Park, this footbridge
was built by soliders in 18th century over Kinglas water.
So named because as the cattle grazed here,
the woman made butter and cheese.


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Argyll Forest
Argyll Forest
Established in 1935 Argyll Forest Park was the first 
of its kind in Great Britain and with its network of footpaths 
covering 186mi/300km, it offers nature lovers plenty of 
beautiful countryside to explore. The Argyll Forest Park
stretches from the western shores of Loch Lomond
south as far as   Holy Loch, providing the most 
grandiose scenery. 
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