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The Ring of Brodgar is both the most northerly and most famous henge on
Orkney. In it's original state, it formed a circle of 60 stones. Now, only 36 stones
remain in position, either as uprights or stumps. The stones are undecorated except
for 5 Norse runes and a cross on a broken upright in the northern quadrant. Early
visitors believed that these henges were sun temples, but recent research suggest
that they may be been designed as lunar observatories.
Morning Light Ring of  Brodgar
Morning Sunrise Ring of Brodgar
The first rays of light coming over the horizon.
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 Comet Stone View
Ring of Brodgar Comet Stone View
View of the Ring from the Comet Stone.

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The imposing monoliths at Stenness were once part of a henge, a ritual monument
consisting of a stone circle and surround earthworks. Only four of the stones are
still standing, but originally there were 12. Radiocarbon dating tests on
animal and charcoal deposits found at the site indicate that the henge dates
back to the 3rd millennium BC. In more recent times it was the center of a
popular fertility cult. Local couples would make their vows within the circle
and then join hands at the nearby Stone of Odin, a single standing stone destroyed
in 1814.
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 Stones of Stenness Early Light
Stones of Stenness Early Light
A full view of the Stones of Stenness as 
the light of dawn tries to break through
the clouds. 
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Shadowed Light Stones of Stenness
Shadowed Light
The pastel light after a passing storm, throwing
shadows from the stones. 
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