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Corran Lighthouse
Corran Lighthouse
Glowing White against the Navy weathered sky,
this lighthouse sits along the ferry route over
looking the Corran Narrows, heading up
towards the Scottish Highlands.


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Dunnet Head Lighthouse
Dunnet Head Lighthouse
Dunnet Head is actually the Scottish mainland's most 
northerly point. The Lighthouse was built in 1831, and
stands on a sandstone promontory 341 feet high. 
The Tower stands 65 feet tall and the beam has a
range of 26 miles into the Pentland

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Tod Head Lighthouse
Tod Head Lighthouse
Tod Head Lighthouse was established
in 1897. There are 48 steps to the top
of the tower. Tod Head is located on the
east coast of Scotland, near the town of


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Holburn Head Lighthouse
Holburn Head Lighthouse
Located in the Scrabster, on the west side
 of Thurso Harbour, lies Holburn Head
 Lighthouse, constructed in 1862. The white
 light has a range of 15 miles, while it's red
 light reaches 11 miles. The lighthouse is now
 in danger, as there are plans to enlarge the 
harbour, and the lighthouse and its road 
sit right on the waters edge.  Enlarging the 
harbour, means the lighthouse might
have to be destroyed.

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