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Castle Fraser 
Castle Fraser
It is said a  young woman was
murdered her, and her body was dragged
down the stairs before being buried.  The
story goes on to say that the blood from her
body which stained the stairs, could not be
cleaned off , and the steps were eventually
boarded over to hide the stains.
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 Castle Fraser View
Castle Fraser  View
The oldest part of Fraser is  the 15th 
century keep of 4 stories and an attic.
The walls are pierced with many gun loops,
slits and shot-holes. Over the present 
entrance are panels dated 1576, 1683,
and 1795. 

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 Castle Fraser Overlook
Castle Fraser Overlook
The first view of Castle Fraser you will see upon
driving down the long lane leading up to the castle.
This view shows both the old parts and the newer
parts of the castle. 


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           Glenbuchat Castle
Glenbuchat Castle
Glenbuchat  was built by the Gordons in the
1600's. It was occupied by James VI's forces
during the Catholic rebellion in 1592.  The castle
was in ruin by 1738 .


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