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"Turbulent Light"
Turbulent Light Kilchurn Castle
This photograph of Kilchurn Castle is a "one of a kind" 
photograph. Behind the castle are power lines that are always
 visible in most photographs. As I stood there, taking several
photographs, I said to no one in particular, "I wish there 
was a way to get rid of the power lines". Be careful 
what you ask for.
  Within minutes, a huge storm cloud blew up over Loch Awe 
and the whole valley went dark.  A small hole opened up in 
the middle of the cloud and a brilliant ray of light exploded
through the hole and hit the ground, moving at a rapid pace.
 (the wind was blowing the clouds along at a good clip). 
The beam was on tract with the castle, and when it hit, the
castle exploded with light and color, and the rest of the valley
went dark, leaving no trace of the power lines.  I managed
only 2 shots before the moment was over, as I said, a one
of a kind photograph. 

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Kilchurn Castle View
Kilchurn Castle View
At the head of Loch Awe stands the
imposing ruin of Kilchurn Castle, a
Campbell Stronghold built in the 15th
and 17th centuries. It was abandoned 
in the 18th century, with a hurricane
blowing off the top of the tower in 1879.
On the right day, and especially if you get
it all to yourself, Kilchurn Castle
is a magical place.  The castle isn't
sign posted, so you have to "discover"
it. It is not to difficult to spot from the
main road, but you have to look a bit for
the path way. 
Shot with Kodak VS slide film, that is why
the color is so saturated.
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Drum Castle
Drum Castle
Drum is one of the oldest occupied castles in Scotland.
The castle was the property of the Irvines from 1323,
when the lands were given to them by Robert the
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Drum Castle Path
Drum Castle Path
Drum was besieged and plundered in 1644 and then
sacked again in 1645. In 1975, the castle was
given to the National Trust for Scotland.

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