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Aros Castle
Aros Castle
Aros Castle has a commanding view over the Sound of Mull.
The MacDougall chiefs build this Castle in the 13th century 
to guard their land from marauding clans. It was home to the 
MacDonald Lords of the Isles until 1493 when it passed to
the MacLeans and much later on, passed to the Duke of Argyll. 
Shown here at first light. 


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 Tantallon Castle
Tantallon Castle
Built in 1350 by William Douglas, Tantallon 
is one of the most impressive castles in southern 
Scotland.  In 1650 moss troopers based at the 
castle, did so much damage to Cromwell's lines of communication that in 1651, he sent an army to
attack the castle. The bombardment 
lasted 12 days and destroyed so much of the
castle that  the garrison surrendered.
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