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Ardvreck Castle

In the northwest Highlands, along the shore of Loch Assynt, is found
the remains of Ardvreck Castle. It is thought to have been 
built in 1591 by the Macleods, who have owned Assynt 
since the 13th century.

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Ardvreck Castle View

Ardvreck was destroyed by fire in the 1850s'. It was
owned by the MacKenzies at the time of the fire. 
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Castle Leod
Castle Leod
The oldest part of the castle is believed to have been
built in the 12th century, the rest was added and
restored starting in 1606. It is currently the seat of 
the Clan MacKenzie chief, however it originally 
belonged to the chief of the Clan MacLeod of Lewis 
until the 17th century.


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Braemer  Castle
Braemer Castle
  From the Late Middle Ages the castle was a stronghold of
the Earls of Mar.The first tower of Braemar Castle was 
constructed in 1628 by John Erskine,  as a hunting lodge 
and to counter the rising power of the Farquharsons.
In 1715 the castle was burned by royal troops and subsequently 
the estate was forfeit by the Earls of Mar.[4] The castle and 
lands were purchased by John Farquharson,
Located in Aberdeenshire,

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