Scottish Castles
Standing on a rocky ridge, over looking Loch Sween, Castle Sween is an impressive 12th
century castle. The castle was held by the MacSweens until the middle of the 13th century,
then the Stewarts of Menteith from around 1262 until 1362, then the MacMillans and the
MacNeils of Gigha for the MacDonalds until 1481 when the Campbells became keepers
of the castle for the Crown. The castle was captured and partly dismantled by Alaisadair
MacDonald in 1647. One of the towers collapsed in the 19th century.  The sad part, they
have built up a caravan village around this grand ruin.
 Castle Sween
Castle Sween
Sunset View of Castle Sween.
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  Castle Sween Front
Castle Sween Front
Imposing View of the Front.
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 Armadale Castle
Armadale Castle
The castle ruin now houses the Clan Donald Center.
in 1650 there were two farmhouses at Armadale, 
but after 1690 the family moved back to Duntulm Castle 
at the north end of Skye.  The farm and gardens at 
Armadale were looked after by various other Macdonalds. 
The famous Flora Macdonald was married at Armadale
on the 6th November 1750.


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   Armadale Arch
Castle Sween Loch Side View
 In 1855 fire destroyed much of the original house .
Today the Graham section is a sculptured ruin with a fine 
selection of plants from around the world, this 
view is part of the staircase and facade that remain 


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