Scottish Castles
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Dunstaffnage Castle 
Dunstaffnage Castle
With its rough stone walls rising sheer from a craggy rock, 
this is an impressive little castle nestled in a sheltered bay. 
Built by the MacDougalls, Lords of Lorn, the castle was 
taken by Robert the Bruce in 1309 and remained in royal
ownership until  1470, when it was given
to the Campbells. 
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Dunstaffnage View
Dunstaffnage Castle view
On a promontory in the Firth of Lorn,
Dunstaffnage consists of a massive
13th century curtain wall.  A stronghold
here was held by the kings of the Dalriada
in the 7th century. and one of the places
the Stone of Destiny was kept.

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MacLellan's Castle
MacLellan's Castle
MacLellan's Castle is a large 16th century
tower house, located right in the middle
of the town square in Kirkcudbright.
Built by Sir Thomas MacLellan in 1582, the
castle was abandoned in 1752 because of 
financial troubles, it was then sold to 
Sir Robert Maxwell. The castle was
put into State guardianship in 1912.
Shown here at twilight with an approaching
storm on the horizon.

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Loch an Eilean Castle 
Loch an Eilean Castle
The castle was built by Alexander Stewart in the
14th century. The castle was later held by
the MacKintoshes, then the Gordons, and lastly
the Grants in 1567. It was last used in 1715, when
Mackintosh of Balnespick was confined here to
prevent him from opposing the Jacobites.


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