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 Castle Maol
Castle Maol
Also known as Caisteal Maol, this ruin over looks the
ferry crossing between Skye and the mainland at
Kyle of Lochalsh.  According the legend, the castle was
built by a Norse princess called "Saucy Mary", who
was married to a MacKinnon chief.  In the middle ages,
the castle was known as Dunakin, and a strong hold of the
MacKinnons. In 1513 a great meeting of Highland chiefs was
held here in an attempt to restore the Lordship of the Isles,
but the attempt failed. In 1951, a hoard of coins was found
hidden in a chink of masonry on the outer face of the one
of the walls. 
Found in the South Highlands.

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DunDonald Infrared
DunDonald Infrared
Dundonald consists of a remodeled 13th
 century keep, formerly the gate house
  of  an earlier castle. Dundonald was built 
by the Stewarts and was rumored to have
been slighted in the Wars of Independence.
Taken with b/w
infrared film. 


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celtic knot
Brodie Castle 
Brodie Castle
Brodie was mostly built in the 16th and
17th century, but part may date back to
the 12th century. The property was owned
by the Brodies from 1160. It was torched
in 1645 by Lord Lewis Gordon, although
much of the internal work survived. 
An apparition of a woman is said to
have been witnessed in the nursery
room in 1992.
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Brodie Castle Infrared
Brodie Castle Infrared
Brodie Castle taken with black and white infrared
film. This sells as a sepia toned print as well.
If you prefer the sepia tone, just include
a note along with your payment, or contact
me about your order.
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