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Caerlaverock was built in the 13th century by the Maxwell's, and has a long eventful
history. It was captured by the English in 1300 and held till 1312 when the keeper
Sir Eustace Maxwell joined the Scots. Once a formidable fortress and still
a magnificent ruin,  Caerlaverock is surrounded by a moat and was
reached by a drawbridge.  One of the round towers, Murdoch's Tower,
remains at it's full height.
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Caerlaverock Castle 
Caerlaverock Castle
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Caerlaverock Front View
Caerlaverock Front View
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Caerlaverock Castle Sun
Caerlaverock Castle Sun
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 Dunollie Castle
Dunollie Castle
Standing on a rocky ridge overlooking the sea, the ground
on which Dunollie Castle is built has been in
use for centuries. Dunollie was built in the 13th 
century, but as far back as 698, there was a 
fortress of the kings of Dalriada. The present
castle was built by the MacDougalls of Lorn.
This photo was taken with black and white infrared film
and is hand printed by the photographer.
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