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 Cahir Castle
Cahir Castle
Cahir is the most complete medieval castle in
Ireland. Located in Co. Tipperary in a 
picturesque setting beside the River Suir. The Castle
stands on a corky island, the moat between the 
castle and the car park is actually a channel of
the river. An important siege took place here in 1599.
The siege lasted 3 days before the wall was breached.
Home of the Butler family. 
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Conna Castle
Conna Castle
Conna is an impressive little castle built in the 1500's.
The castle towers on the hill overlooking the
River Bride. Conna was the birthplace of
Thomas Fitzgerald, the 14th Earl of Desmond, who
died insane in the Tower of London.  King James 
later gave the castle to Richard Boyle, Earl of 
Cork.  In 1645 it was captured by Lord Castlehaven,
and in 1650 Cromwell failed to take it. Later in
1653, it was burned and all inside were killed.
Located in Co. Cork. 
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Castleboro House
I stood in awe at the huge and imposing mansion that
stood out in the middle of a field in Co. Wexford. To 
have seen it when it was originally built in 1840, would
have been a honor. 
Castleboro was owned by the Carew family, who
came from England and had been granted the
lands during the reign of Charles II. After the death of
the first Lord Carew in 1856, the grand house was only
occasionally used for entertaining English friends. 
Also available in Black and White.

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Dunseverick Castle
Dunseverick Castle
A brooding winter storm hangs over what little
is left of Dunseverick Castle along the Antrim 
Coast. Though only 2 ruined walls are left,
the dramatic setting is worth the visit alone!
Co. Antrim


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