Myth and Legends Irish Castles

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Birr Castle
Birr Castle
Birr Castle is famous for 2 things, one, its grand
gardens, and the other is what was once
the worlds largest telescope.
Co. Offaly
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Wilton Castle
Wilton Castle
Built in the 19th century and burnt in 1923 during
the Troubles. A great moat once surrounded the once
grand seat of the Alcock family, who had lived  on
the land since 1695. Colonel Harry Alcock added
the towers in the 19th century. Wilton also has
the supernatural stories along with it. One being
that a ghostly carriage is seen in the castle driveway
on the anniversary of the death of Harry Alcock.
The castle in the process of being renovated. 
Co. Wexford.
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Puxley/Dunboy Castle
Puxley Manor Infrared
Also known as Puxley Manor. In 1730 the Puxley
family were granted the lands belong to the O'Sullivans
in west Cork.  The Puxleys began to build a grand
mansion close to the older castle of the O'Sullivan
Beare, and they were cursed by the O'Sullivan 
family. The Prophesies would be that cows would
wander through their halls. That would come true. 
This is an infrared shot of the interior.
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Dunboy Castle/Puxley Manor
Dunboy Castle/Puxley Manor
The Puxleys were shrewd businessmen, and supported
smugglers who frequented the wild coastline.
In 1866 a Puxley descendant began to make additions
to the estate. When his wife died in childbirth in 1872, he
left the great house unfinished, used only as a summer 
retreat. The great mansion was torched by the Irish
Republican Army during the Troubles in 1921. 
Co. Cork.
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