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 Enniskillen Castle
Castle Lyons
The town of Enniskillen is in a strategic location, 
on an island in the middle of the river channels
that connect Lower and Upper Lough Erne.
It is not surprising that the Maguires built
a tower house here in the 1400's. The sad
part is little of that stronghold is left. Now
Enniskillen Castle grounds house barracks of
the artillery era. This view of the Watergate,
which was built in 1611, is the most distinctive 
part of the of the castle.  Enniskillen Castle
was the Maguire stronghold.
Co. Fermanagh
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  O'Doherty Keep
O'Doherty Keep
O'Doherty's Keep was part of a Norman castle built in 
the 1300's of which only the Keep remains. In the 
15th century the Keep came into the possession 
of the O'Doherty family, ancestral rulers of 
Inishowen. In 1588 the Keep housed soldiers
of the Spanish Armada who had been shipwrecked 
aboard the La Trinidad Valenceria in Kinnegoe Bay. 
They were rescued by Sean Óg O'Doherty who, 
with Red Hugh O'Donnell, was subsequently
imprisoned in Dublin Castle.
In 1608 Cahir O'Doherty, Sean Og's son, lead 
a Rising against the English Garrison in Derry
and the Keep was burned in reprisal. 
It is believed that Wolfe Tone, a leader of the 
1798 Rising, was imprisoned in O'Doherty's
Keep after his capture in Lough Swilly aboard a
French Frigate before being taken to Derry Gaol. 
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 Castle Donovan
Castle Donovan
It was the principal seat of the O'Donovan Clan.
It was built in the year 1560 by Donal O'Donovan.
Castle Donovan is located in Co. Cork.
The caste is now undergoing restoration.

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  Dunbeacon Castle
Dunbeacon Castle
Built by Donall O'Mahoney in 1460. Castle 
Dunbeacon sits on a rocky out crop over
looking Dunmanus Bay on Mizen Head
Located Co. Cork.
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