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  Ferns Castle
Ferns Castle
Fern Castle was built in the early 1200's by
William Marshall. Fern remained in the hands of
 of the Marshal family until 1324 but was said to
have been in need of repair at the end of this period.
Captured and burnt by the Irish in 1346-7, Ferns
Castle was retaken by Roche and repaired. From 1360
to 1539 it was in the hands of the Kavanaghs but was 
again burned in 1577 and by 1579, was described by
Lord Justice Drury as old and ruinous. However it
was rebuilt about 1607 and finally was surrendered 
to Coote (Cromwell's general) in 1641. 
Co. Wexford
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 Castle Lyons Ruin
Castle Lyons Ruin
Castle Lyons is a landmark ruin, seen for miles around
but it is most remembered for the family who owned it.
The Barrymores are remembered as one of Ireland's
most powerful and infamous family, owning over 
300,000 acres in Co. Cork. The Earl of Barrymore
inherited the estate  in 1627 and built a grandiose
mansion for himself.  The castle was destroyed in
1771 by a tragic fire. 
The fire was an accident, started by 2 tinkers who had
been hired to do a bit of repair work on the roof 
gutters. Climbing down off the roof for a meal 
break,  they left a hot soldering iron atop some
woodwork.  By the time they had returned, the roof
was on fire, and the terrified tinkers ran off in fear of
their lives. Some of the villagers ran to help, but the
housekeeper, unaware of the fire, wouldn't let them 
in, thinking they wanted to start trouble. It is said the
fire smoldered for over 3 months. 
Located in Co. Cork
This view is through a ruined window from another
part of the castle. 
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Ballynahinch Tower House
Not to be confused with Ballynahinch  Castle
that is now a hotel. This is the ruin on an
island in Ballynahinch Lake.  Donell Ecowga
held this tower in 1574 with materials taken
from Toombeola Abbey.


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Mussenden Temple
Mussenden Temple
Perched on a windswept headland along the Derry
coast, the Temple was built in 1785 as a memorial,
or, as some myths go, a boudoir for the resident
Bishops mistress.
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