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Achill View
Achill View
Achill has beautiful scenery, including this view,
taken from one of the high points of the Island.
Four of Achills beaches, have been given
Blue Flag status.
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Achill Minaun Cliffs
Achill Cliff
Achill is the largest island off the Irish 
coast, covering an area of about 57 square
miles. It is connected to the mainland by
a causeway measuring 740 feet. The Minaun 
cliffs rise to 800 feet. 

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 Galway Sunset
Galway Sunset
With dusk approaching, Mother Nature makes one
last light show of colour before night settles in
along Galway Bay.


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 Antrim Coast
Antrim Coast
A view of the cliffs along the Antrim shoreline taken 
while standing on the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.
Located in Northern Ireland


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