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Kilmacduagh Infrared
Infrared Kilmacduagh
The abbey was founded in the 7th century. 
The eye is drawn to the round tower, 
probably pre-1200, which leans at a 
distinct angle.   Nearby  are the 13th
century bishop's  residence and 
O'Heyne's Church. Located in Co Galway.
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"A Sort Of Homecoming"
A Sort of Homecoming-Corcomroe Abbey Infrared
A Black and White Infrared view down 
Corcomroe Abbey. The sunlight reflects off 
 the rain dampened stones leading down the 
 main part of the church. Inside the enclave
 is the tomb of the O'Brien family. It was
an honor to be buried in the church, that is 
why the tombs are also along the floor.
 Located in Co. Clare.
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 The Burren Way
Infrared The Burren Way
A lone stone lined road, takes you off toward
Corcomroe Abbey in the Burren. As
the sun sets and the clouds close in
for the night, another day ends in
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Stairway to the Past
Stairway to the Past
Shot in black and white infrared
film, these moss covered steps
now lead to a ruined church window.
Un named ruins like these, are
scattered around the Irish
countryside. Located in Co. Donegal.
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