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 Dunbrody Abbey
Dunbrody Abbey
Dunbrody Abbey was founded in 1170 on the
instructions of Strongbow. It was completed
circa 1220, but additions may have continued 
for some time.  Seen here with a wisp of
a moon still visible in the morning sky.
Co. Wexford.

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Clonmacnoise Cross
Clonmacnoise Tower
This Medieval monastery, on the banks of the River
Shannon, was founded by St. Ciaran in 
545-548 A.D. Many Kings of
Tara and Connaught were buried
here. It fell to the English in 1552.
Located in Co. Offaly

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Jerpoint Arch

There are tombs and effigies of 
early bishops and patrons throughout
the abbey. One can be seen on the
left of the archway. Located in Co.


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Slane View
Slane View
The Hill of Slane is where 
St. Patrick, in 433 AD, lit
a Paschal (Easter) fire as a
challenge to the pagan High
King of Tara. Located in Co.

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