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Kylemore Abbey 
Kylemore Abbey
Sheltered by the slopes of the Twelve Bens, 
this   lakeside castle is a romantic gothic
revival fantasy.  Built by Mitchell Henry 
for his wife in the mid  1800's, it is now 
an all girls boarding school run by
 Benedictine nuns.  Located in Co. Galway.

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St. Kevin's Kitchen
St. Kevins Kitchen
Nestled in the lush valley of Glendalough,
a minuscule oratory, with a steeply
pitched stone roof was erected  around
the 11th century. It is known as St.
Kevin's Kitchen because it's belfry 
resembles a chimney.  Named after St.
Kevin who founded the monastery 
in the 6th century. Located in Co Wicklow.
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The steep wooded slopes of Glendalough,
the "valley of the 2 lakes" harbor one 
of Ireland's most atmospheric monastic


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 Glendalough Ivy Cross
Glendalough Ivy Cross
Established by St. Kevin in the 6th 
century,  the settlement was sacked time
and again by the Vikings, but managed to 
survive for over 600 years.  Located
in Co. Wicklow.

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