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Quin Friary
Quin Friary
Quin was founded in 1493 by the MacNamara's,
relatives of the builders of Bunratty Castle. 
It is one of the best preserved franciscan 
friaries in Ireland. 
The friary was built on top of a castle, which
previously stood on this site. 
Located in Co. Clare
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Ross Abbey
Ross Abbey
Standing in graceful isolation, among acres of 
river meadows is the impressive ruin of 
the largest Franciscan Friary in Ireland.
It was founded in 1498, and was one
of the last abbeys built before the
Reformation. The roof was stripped
away by Cromwell and his army,
as they terrorized the countryside.

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 Rock of Cashel View
Rock of Cashel View
Rising  dramatically from the Tipperary plain, 
the "Rock"  was a  symbol of power for more 
than a  millennium.  From the 5th Century on
 it was home of the Kings of Munster. 


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Rock of Cashel 
Rock of Cashel
It was  handed over to the church in 1101. 
Sieged  by a Cromwellian  army in 1647,
and  abandoned in  in the late 18th century,
the Rock of Cashel is still a view to 
behold.  Located in Co. Tipperary

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