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Doorway of Legends
Arthurian legend states that Uther Pendragon, aided
by Merlin, seduced Queen Ingerna at Tintagel. 
The doorway, seen in the photo to the left, is the
doorstep from which Merlin came to retrieve
Arthur to place him under protection. 

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Tintagel Castle
Tintagel Castle
Romantic and mysterious, Tintagel 
Castle is the rumored home of 
King Arthur. High on  a hilltop, 
surrounded by slate cliffs and
 yawning black caves, it is indeed
imposing. Local legend states 
that when the fog is very  thick, you
can see the castle once again in
all it's glory.
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Chalice Well
Chalice Well
Chalice Well is fed by a spring of primary water 
giving an outflow of some 25,000 gallons a day, 
even in times of drought. The water, rich in iron,
stains the channels red. The springs are rumored
to have healing powers. One Arthurian
 rumor was that the Holy Grail
is resting at the bottom of the well.
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Glastonbury View
Glastonbury View
In 1536, the 27th year of the reign of 
Henry VIII there were over 800
monasteries, nunneries and  friaries in
 Britain. By 1541, there were none.  Over
 10,000 monks and nuns had been 
   dispersed, buildings seized and sold off
 by the Crown. Glastonbury was one of the
principal victims. Much of the surrounding
 town is built from stone of the ruins. 


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