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Thornton Abbey Gate House
Thornton Abbey Gatehouse
Founded as a priory in 1139 for the Augustinian
canons, Thornton was elevated to abbey status
in 1148. This gatehouse was added for defense
in the 1400's. (As I walked down the tunnel
to the back of the gatehouse, I noticed, 
hanging in the shadows, recessed in the
back, 2 large wooden doors, one on each 
side.  They were worn and splintered as
if some great force had shattered them, I 
knew they were the story of the gatehouse.
A local came by and I asked him about the doors,
he told me, that in the 1600's, Cromwell attacked
the gatehouse, but it was too fortified to penetrate.
Finally, Cromwell made it to the back of the gatehouse
and set the wooden doors on fire. As the fire
climbed up the doors, and weakened them, 
his men crashed through, and everyone on the
inside perished. )
Sometimes, history repeats itself. See the
next photograph and read the explanation.
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Burning Door
The Burning Door
This is one of the original wooden doors in 
Thornton that Cromwell set fire to, broke 
through and killed everyone inside the abbey. 
As I stood here, on the east side of the 
abbey, the last ray of sun light, 
shot down through the tunnel, and bathed
the door in a glow of red and orange, so it
began to "burn" the same way it did, 
many years ago, when innocent people died.
(this photograph still gives me chills,
as I can still feel what it felt like to
stand there and watch the sunset
glow, slowly re create history and
"burn the door". The light started
at the bottom, and worked it's way
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 St. Michaels of Ford
St Michales Church in Ford
Located in NorthUmberland in the village of Ford, the
12th century church of St. Michaels is seen
during sundown.            
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Salisbury Cathedral 
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury is unique amongst medieval English
cathedrals, built within one century, and with
no substantial later additions.  The foundation
stones were laid in 1220, and finally the ornate
front was finished in 1265. Salisbury's spire is
the tallest and most elegant in Britain, rising a
staggering 404 feet above the ground.  The 
spire was added between 1297 and 1320. 
The weight of an additional 6500 tons of stone
on the central crossing, caused them to bend, so
buttresses had to be built to support them.  
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