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St. Michael's Mount
St. Michael's Mount
Located near the southern tip of Cornwall. 
A Benedictine priory c. 1044, it later 
became a fort. Finally, to defend against
French pirates, a castle was built
200 feet above sea level. Legend has
it that St. Michaels was built by the 
Arch Angel Gabriel.


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Byland Abbey Ruins
Byland Abbey Ruins
Situated in a picturesque valley at the foot of the Hambleton
Hills, Byland Abbey has some of the earliest recorded
ghost stories in Britain. One of the Monks there wrote
 12 short ghost stories in Latin around the year 1400.
The abbey was pillaged by an invading Scottish 
force in 1322. 
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Whitby Fog
Whitby Abbey Fog
Whitby was the setting in Bram Stoker's
book, in which Dracula came ashore for 
the first time. As Whitby is next to
the shore and often shrouded in 
mist and fog, this seems a fitting
setting. Seen here as the fog rolls in.
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 Whitby Abbey
Infrared Whitby abbey
The Benedictine community at Whitby was founded 
in the 1070's. The abbey was dissolved by Henry the 
VIII in 1539 and its stone used to build a nearby
house: the church may have been left
alone because it was an important
landmark for passing ships.

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