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Fountains Valley
Fountains Valley
Nestled in the wooded valley of the River
Skell, Fountains Abbey was founded in 
1132. Fountains has been described 
as the "crown and glory of all that 
monasticism has left us in England".

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Silent Hall
Silent Hall
Fountains fell into ruin during the 
Dissolution. Looking down toward the
east nave, Fountains has more than 
800 years of history to be explored 
in the 320 hectare estate.

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Shades of Antiquity
Shades of Antiquity
 The great undercroft, supported by 19 pillars with
vaulting 300 ft.  long was used by the Monks for 
storing fleeces which were sold to Florentine 
merchants. By the mid 12th century,
it had become the wealthiest abbey
in Britain. 


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"Fade Away"
Fade Away - Tynemouth Priory Infrared
Tynemouth Priory, in Northumberland, 
England. The castle walls surround the 
remains of this Benedictine priory founded 
c. 1090 on a Saxon  monastic site. Legend
has it that the ruins are  haunted by Olaf, a Viking, 
who was wounded during a raid and tended to
by the Monks. He joined the order and rose to 
 become prior. Olaf's brother was killed during 
 another Viking raid on the priory . It is said
that Olaf died of grief while praying
in the chapel.

This print won a gold medal in the "from here to
infinity" contest!

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