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Lindisfarne Priory
Lindisfarne Priory
Founded in 635 by St. Aidan,  Lindisfarne became 
one of the most important centers of Christianity in 
England. It became a shrine to St.  Cuthbert, who after
being buried for 10 years, was found still fully complete
upon being exhumed. It is said he still 
haunts the ruins of the priory.

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Lindisfarne front
Lindisfarne Priory front
When visiting Lindisfarne, make sure to
check the tide tables. The only way to 
reach the Holy Island is to drive across 
when the tide is out.
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Battle Abbey
Battle Abbey
Battle Abbey was built by William the 
Conqueror on the site of his great
victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 
to atone for the terrible loss of life 
suffered. The high altar was sited on
the spot where King Harold had fallen, 
and his ghost is said to haunt the abbey

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Battle Abbey Fisheye
Battle Abbey fisheye
The inside of Battle Abbey taken
with an 8 mm fisheye lens. 
On that cold October morning,
over 900 years ago, 14,000 men engaged 
in the slaughter at the  Battle of Hastings. 
The battlefield site is said to run red with 
blood when the rain falls.
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