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United Pegasus Foundation
The United Pegasus Foundation is a 501(c)(3)racing charity that provides
California's Thoroughbreds with a chance at a second career or a humane
and deserved retirement. Founded in 1994 the UPF has grown to become one of the  nation's largest Thoroughbred retirement organization that includes two well-equipped farms with a carrying capacity of more than 100 horses.
They also have many PMU Horses and foals that need to be adopted! We just
adopted  2 of them!   I will be posting photos later!!
Please visit their site and help in anyway you can. These horses were
all saved from slaughter, and this is a non profit organization!

The Irish Lighthouses Series
by john eagle

Some of the most extrodinary Irish lighthouse photographs I have seen!
Some of them aerial as well. This gentelman is not only a grand photographer,
but a painter as well. With many of his one of kind pieces hanging in galleries
all over ireland!  give this one a visit!

Walsh Brothers watches and jewellery

English jewellery shop with a range of Celtic
 pewter design tankards and hip flasks.

Celtic Attic
Offers a line of celtic jewelry, silver & gold. Earth products including
soaps, incense, candles, bath salts and crystals. They also carry
wind chimes, spirit sticks, gemstones and more.

Rainnea Graphics

Rainnea's gallery of celtic art is one of the best! Add your favorite
celtic symbol to a wallet, mousepad, shirt, knapsack, wall hanging
and much more! If you don't see what you are looking for,
Rab can create it for you! He designed my shirt for me! A very wonderful
and talented artist.  Very affordable prices.  Don't miss!!

Tattoo Santa Barbara
Pat Fish is one of the most talented and creative
people I know. An expert on Celtic designs and
a master of art, no one can come close
to Pat's body art.

The Celtic Lady's Web Site
Celtic art, jewelry & fonts inspired by ancient Celts, illuminated manuscripts, Irish
 monks, Scottish stone symbols. Information on Celtic symbols, weddings, Celtic
                  history & more. . . and now, new celtic tattoo designs!
The Celtic Lady's Shop

Celtic jewelry, Celtic art and fonts, rubber stamps - Celtic treasures.

           We are dedicated to making Joseph Campbell and the
   Hero's Journey relevant to daily life. The Hero's Journey
    of Myth, also called the Monomyth, is a template or a
   pattern of story that is repeated in all cultures through
    history. From Aboriginal Elders telling stories around
    a fire to Star Wars and Harry Potter, the Hero's Journey
  resonates deeply. We hope that you will explore our website
and learn more about the Journey of the Hero.


The largest selection of Irish language books and
music available in the world! More than 3000
titles available. They bring the ancient language
and music of Ireland to all those who would like to learn.

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